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Links to Other Sites

The following links provide access to useful free and commercial products that are available for the Mac OS X platform.  Keystone Software does not endorse any of the products listed below and is providing links to them for the benefit of software development community at large.

Database Tools:

    DB Visualizer - A very good, platform independent tool

                               for querying and updating databases.

    MySQL Tools - Open source MySQL database tools for

                                the OS X platform.

Connectivity Tools:

    Remote Desktop Client for OS X - Allows OS X users to

                                                                 remotely access

                                                                 Microsoft servers.

   Cisco VPN Client - A Cisco VPN client for Mac OS X


Office Productivity Tools:

    OmniGraffle - A drawing package that can open binary

                             VISIO drawings.  This drawing package

                              is an essential tool for the Mac user who

                              needs to exchange and update VISIO

                              documents with coworkers and clients.

    OmniPlan - An excellent project planning tool that can

                         open binary Microsoft Project files.  This

                         product provides a planning tool that is easy

                         to use and has a look and feel that Mac users

                         will find operates like the rest of their Mac

                         based software instead of just duplicating the

                         standard MS Project look and feel.


    VMware Fusion - Industry standard virtualization software

                                   for the the OS X platform that allows a

                                   user to run other operating systems, like

                                   Linux, FreeBSD, XP, Vista and NT, in

                                   a separate window on your Mac OS X


    electoral-vote.com - This site provides an excellent,

                                        unbiased summarization of

                                        Presidential, Senatorial and House

                                        related polling data.